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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by italy74, May 12, 2007.

  1. Hi all there, wherever you are.
    Today I went to my photographer and got back my first "fashion-style" slides, taken at the photographic academy in Milan last wednesday.. Even if I can't post them here, I just wanted share with you the emotion of first shooting with other classmates (guys and gals) for an even too short lesson. My classmates were all cooperative and nice and, even with only one external flash, all took another perspective. Light and shadows really became visible and important and gave them a complete different looking. I also had the luck and the opportunity to have 4 girls who were deeply different one another: the "classic" tall, blond, long hair, like a "Madonna" of the 13th century, a dark and strong girl, a middle-eastern looking one and the shyiest who has brown rasta-looking hair. What a pity one of the nicest shots (if you has ever seen the "Charlie's Angels" silhouette you can easily think of it) I took when already all lights were switched off so only the built-in flash which of course made the pic sharp but completely different from the earlier ones.

    All the best
  2. p.s. Curiously, one of the nicest and most extravagant shots I took was a kind of "F.... you" I asked to mime to Valentina and that fortunately I was able to take on-the-fly, with all its dramatic expression.

    All the best.
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