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WOW!!! We have doubled in 10 days...!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Panos Kazanelis, May 2, 2005.

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  2. Did I start it?? :) 
  3. Might be... :-D :lol:
  4. have to thank that jackass Photoclub at dpreview. Prior to this, coming here was word of mouth. I personally invited around 50-60 members, but it was folks I knew or folks I saw that were frustrated with what was going on - so I tried to save their sanity.

    Photoclub in his own schmuck way actually helped us gain lots of great new members.
  5. It seems there ARE two sides in every coin Harris... :wink:
  6. I think you have an interesting board here in that you seem to have a good solid base of moderators and old timers.

    I was one of the founders of a motorcycle related board that at this point has over 6,000 members and 490,000 posts and a decent sized, member financed budget.

    We went through lots of growing pains, including creating the brain trust that keeps it honest and useful to its members and not the product of someone's inflated ego or a source of free stuff (ie not commercial in any fashion).

    And trust me, bikers are an ornery sort on their best days, so the level of silly stuff is hard to keep down to a reasonable level.

    But it works and it lives and it has been worth the time and trouble. Enjoy your growth!
  7. Cool, any cute young camera chicks in here then? :p 
  8. Yeah, I responded by correcting his erroneous remark, but I waited till it was at the bottom of page two. Go figure! You are indeed an EVIL troll...thanks!

  9. TOF guy

    TOF guy

    Mar 11, 2005
    This raises a question: what do you think is best ? Ignoring the thread to keep its exposure as low as possible in the dpforum (so that it goes quickly down the lists of threads), or answering the comments themselves ?

    It seems to me that we don't have to be too worried about trolls. How long would they last in this forum :mrgreen:


  10. Oh about one click on the keyboard from Frank, Patrick, UF, Rich, or Boobie Joe. I'd say a nanosecond. 8)

    Besides, the rules are clear. Dewey and I do ALL the trolling thats needed here. Since Bill has been busy, that means I get to work over time.

    Ok, here it goes: Nikon uh, Nikon, uh. Nikon costs too much. There, hows that. :lol:
  11. Harris, you forgot the all-times-best "New Nikon D3sci-fi-ET will hit the stores on May 2005" :lol: :wink:
  12. Haha I haven't been back to DP since. Hey Jonathan, hows that MB working out for you? Was trying to find your email address the other day was at a red carpet party in LA and thought of you, figured you were chasing another one =)
  13. Hi Nate,

    Which event were you at? I've been out of commission for awhile, but I'm slowly creeping back into shooting. Hey you need an avatar!

    PS - Seen Britney lately at the job? :) 
  14. Out of commission still recovering from the car incident, or just doing other things? It was at a dog rescue red carpet event at 5th and Sunset studios, I think guys from Getty, London, and some guys shooting for wireimage/dailycelebs were there. One of the dogs I'm fostering got some good publicity and was inside a hottie's (Lake Bell) jacket for a good 20 minutes.
  15. Who/what is PhotoClub?
  16. Tom_Kline


    Apr 24, 2005
    I saw the cafe mentioned on another forum, which one I do not recall at the moment. Looked interesting so I logged on.
  17. More and more have registered within the last couple of days...!!!
    We are well over 500...
  18. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    But you know, Harris, any one of us from DPR could have brought a landslide with us with a simple post over there. As it was, photoclub snubbed us, and in true DPR style, a bunch of us piled on and defended the Cafe.

    I'm sure it was the 'good vibes' coming from folks from here that let DPR folk know this would be a good place to check out. Then once here, they could see the attraction. As it is, we have skimmed the best from DPR as well as attracting lots of people new to the online camera community.

    So kudos to photoclub and welcome to all you recent members!
  19. IMVHO Chris, I think that we don't have to defend anything, especially to people like Photoclub...
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