WOW! What a Weekend...Part 1

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  1. sjlarue


    Nov 18, 2007
    What an awsome weekend! Through an email list that I am on for birders, I recieved an email saying that there was a Marbled Godwit in the Columbus area...How many Godwits are in Ohio right now you may ask...1 confirmed, this one. :biggrin:. So of course I had to go! While I was there, I visited a couple of other places and rounded off my Saturday. I will put an example of each species I saw and a link on the bottom to the rest.

    1. GBH Feeding:
    No Flips, the Heron wasn't into performing.

    2. Green Heron strutting his tuft:
    20 feet away and didn't care that I was there. There were seven there all within camera range and different ages.

    3. Virginia Rail:
    Another rare bird for the area.

    4. Marbled Godwit:

    5. Dowitchers:
    Showed up just as I was leaving..I had to go back.

    Almost forgot:

    6: Least Sandpiper
    These were the shore birds that I saw that day, I will post pics of the land birds when I am done PP them.

    Here is link to rest:

    CC welcome and happy birding.
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  2. Very nice set, and great variety. Looks like a fun and productive trip.
  3. steve,
    a very nice series of images
    i enjoyed them
  4. sjlarue


    Nov 18, 2007
    Thanks Phil, Greg. This is only half of them, The morning was filled with Woodpeckers and Turkeys. :biggrin: