"Wrangling" Icebergs and Navigating Among Them

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  1. In Ilulissat, Greenland, on our latest adventure there was a lot of ice in the harbor when the zodiacs brought us in:

    Within an hour, the tides and wind brought more ice up to the dock we were using. Our guides got in the zodiacs and used them to move the icebergs out of the way:

    The bigger ones took two zodiacs to move:

    That made a clear path to the dock, at least for a little while:

    The next problem was to find a way back to our ship:

    A serpentine path found the openings in the ice:

    All part of the days adventure,
    Bob & Nan
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    Aug 24, 2008
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    wow....I have always to take a cruise like that. Cant convince the wife though. She says cruises should be to warm places!!
  3. Those are very "cool" pictures. Thanks for sharing!
  4. what an amazing adventure you 2 had
    i'm grateful that you shared it with us
    i like these shots a lot