Xidan Shopping Center - Beijing (10 Pictures)

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  1. Xidan is a very busy and bustling shopping area of Beijing. Beijing's young and glamourous young people swarm to the shopping area's high end stores, fashionable restaurants, and like me - to people watch. Here are some images of the people and buildings that make up the frantic place:


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  2. Great shots Justin! Love the third one.

  3. Neat set of shots, I like them.... Did you have any problem taking photos on the streets with the crowds.??
  4. Thanks, Anthony. Glad you enjoyed them.
  5. Not at all. 75% of my shots are taken on the street. Check out my blog for loads more. Glad you enjoyed them.
  6. These are pretty cool Justin. The thing that stands out the most to me is the way the women dress seems much more conservative than in the big cities here in the states.
  7. yrrek

    yrrek Guest

    damn i didnt know egg-chen ( sp? ) from big trouble in little china is now begging for quarters. lol
  8. China is still a pretty traditional society, Greg. Things are changing, slowly, but for now women who dress like, say, an American would may recieve unpleasant glances.
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