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xqd card confusion!

Discussion in 'Other Cool Gear, Camera Bags, Camera Straps' started by Bohdan, Dec 25, 2018.

  1. So I am searching out sources for additional XQD cards. Surprisingly I see Sony G series offering a 128 Gig card and a 120 Gig card both with the same read and write speeds. Can't seem to find what the difference/advantage one card has over the other ( except for the 8 gigs of course)
  2. I noticed that
    there's also a 240 and 256
  3. I went to B&H Photo Video to compare the two products. B&H says the 128GB is discontinued and only shows specs for the 120GB. I did the same for the 240GB and 256GB. Very little specs to compare for the 256GB but it did not say discontinued.

    Perhaps the 256GB also will be discontinued soon?
  4. price goes up capacity goes down
    I like these cards but I'm disappointed that it's been several years now and the price compared to sd and cf is ridiculous
    I can buy a 4tb hd for less than a 64gb xqd card. I'm glad I got 4 before Lexar got sold. If I had to it over I'd get a CF D5
  5. Baywing


    Feb 22, 2005
    CT USA
    The Sony 128 Gb XQD has been discontinued. The replacement, the 120 GB XQD is the newer card, both are G series. The new card is supposedly a Pro build that is more resistant to damage from drops and has a broader operating temp range. Of course, the price is higher for less capacity. The first Sony 120 card I had suffered a temperature related failure, with read and write failures intermittently at temps just in the mid 30's, well above the spec. Sony replaced the card but I haven't had the ability or desire to test it under similar conditions to determine if it was just a bad card or a design issue. I never had any issues with the less-pro 128 gb cards.
  6. in 15 years shooting 100's of thousands shots I have 1 card failure, a cheap Transcend CF card. The thought of a $130 card failing makes me sick. I have never bought another Transcend card so I hope I never have a Sony failure since there is only 1 other choice. If we don't see any other camera makers use XQD I think this format is doomed to be a Beta failure
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  7. Don't worry. Nikon will stand by their products and their customers and ensure that XQD cards are available forever more :rolleyes: 
  8. eventually Nikon will take over production and the price will fall below previous levels and all will be good
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  9. Thanks everyone for your input. It would have been of benefit to me if there was this kind of information re the differences at the retail sites I visited - life could be a little less complicated. And yes the prices are way too high! It seems that we are a captive “capture” audience until another manufacturer throws their hat into the ring.
  10. Compact Flash is an older, slower storage medium. It has a max write speed of 160 MB/s, whereas XQD has a max write speed of 400 MB/s.

    The “new” version of Compact Flash is CFast 2.0. If you think that XQD cards are expensive, go check out CFast 2.0 card prices. They’re crazy.

    XQD is +/- $20 to a UHS-II SD card for the same storage capacity. It’s not terribly expensive.
  11. Interesting: the 120 Sony G XQD sells for $276 Canadian whereas the 0lder 128 G XQD is listed at
    $388 Canadian at Amazon.ca
  12. 120 seems an odd number since it's not 2(x) Imagine a superscript since I don't seem to have that option in the reply.
  13. So, what do I lose functionally with the cheaper and slower write speed Sony M series?
  14. You said it. Slower write speed. Equates to smaller effective buffer.
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  15. Stick with G cards.
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  16. I have a Sony H and a Lexmark 32 GB each. Never had a problem, apart from Apple not supporting the orignalcard reader any more.
    Never used the CF slot in my D4 since I have these 2 :) 
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