Yellow Rumped Warbler

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Bohdan, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. So...I went out this morning hoping to get a photo of my first time Sapsucker in better light. He was still pecking away at our Linden tree. Taking advantage of the hopes he pecked was a beautiful little Yellow Rumped Warbler... ANOTHER FIRST FOR ME!!
    Our yard has certainly been inviting to a great variety of birds this spring..
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  2. I think the word is out in the bird community, Bob's yard is the place to party...! :p

    Really nice shot, too...! :)
  3. Thanks...using a nice light walking around combo D500 with the 300 F/4 PF plus 1.7II TC
  4. Excellent photo, Bob, and it pushes me further toward purchasing a 300PF.
  5. Really nice shot Bob. I'm ordering the 300mm pf this week to match up with exactly what you mentioned above any hints or suggestions?
  6. Nice capture Bob, with great feather detail.

    My mistake Bob - I called you by the wrong name earlier - that'll teach me to jump from thread to thread. Sorry. Fixed now.
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  7. Bob, you continue to strike gold in your yard, must be fun.
  8. It's a really nice light lens and in my opinion takes the 1.7 tc nicely.. with the 1.4 III an excellent combo. I had the 300 f/4 and the 300 2.8 viii ( a beautiful lens for sure ) but I don't regret selling it and going lighter with the 69 and full of arthritis in the neck and back I can go all day with this combo.
  9. Thanks Louis. as for hints and suggestions...the combo naked is perfect for birds in flight acquiring focus easily. With the 1.4 TC image quality is superb . With the 1.7 TC focus acquisition slows down but is still half decent. I typically shoot wide open and find that there is little loss in IQ. I think that you'll enjoy this lens..very portable.
    Forgot to add...this is a significantly cropped image as well.
  10. Thanks Fred ( Bob here)
  11. I know Brian...I even had a piliated at the same time as the sapsucker...but high up with harsh evening sky in the background which would have made a nice silhouette but.....wanted detail

  12. Yeah, I'm so sorry. I caught that just a few moments ago and fixed it. my mistake Bob.
  13. Not a problem Fred I've been called worse than Louis..
  14. LuisC


    Jun 9, 2009
    Luis Casals
    Great shot of a Beautiful looking bird
  15. thanks Luis...first time for this bird here.
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