Yellowstone Fires '07

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  1. For those who might be coming through Yellowstone/GTNP soon, here's a link to the current wildfire info. A big one just popped up outside of the park west of W. Yellowstone yesterday and is up over 1000 acres today, so I imagine the smoke is drifting into park. The Gallatin range is very hazy and my nose is twitching from smoke already. :frown: We didn't see any really significant fires last year until the 3rd week of July.

  2. Will you be in danger of fire?
    "Greater Yellowstone" are you in the heart of the park?

    Hope all will be safe...
  3. Thanks - I appreciate it. I spend lots of time in the park, but our home is over in Bozeman so we're usually only worried about how bad the smoke will be. The closest fires in recent years have been about 10 miles from our home; this pic is from 2001 and what looks like a cloud is actually a 30,000 ft tall smoke column from a fire that was fairly close to us:

  4. Thanks for the info. Please keep us informed. I plan on being in Yellowstone and the Tetons the last two weeks in September.
  5. SteveK


    Mar 16, 2005
    To put things into perspective.....We've had 331 fires in Alaska thus far this summer, with 46 of them currently active, burning 186,500 acres so far. There is a fire on the Kenai Peninsula which has burned over 60 buildings. It is now 66% contained with 600 firefighters, air tankers, and helicopters doing suppression. It has burned 55,400 acres thus far. It started on the 19th when sparks from a guy sharpening a shovel with a grinding wheel ignited dry grasses. Our worst fire season on record, 2004, 6.7 million acres burned, roughly 10% of the boreal forest here. In 2005 another 4.5 million burned.
  6. Hey Steve,

    Yes, I've been reading about the AK fire season, esp. the Kenai Peninsula - very sad that such carelessness caused so much trouble. I posted this link because I usually get 3 or 4 PMs a year from folks asking what Yellowstone fire conditions are like, as they are planning trips, and we will see over 2 million people come through the smaller YNP/GTNP corridor this summer/fall.

  7. East entrance of YNP is now closed due to the Columbine fire.
  8. I hope it is put out soon...

    I know this is probably a normal and natural thing, but it really scars the landscape. We completed a family trip there in June, and were disappointed to see the extent of the destruction that ocurred back in 1988 and how little has grown since then. :frown:
  9. Sean:
    Thanks for the info, and please keep us updated.
    I'm one of the people that PM'd Sean a few days ago. He gave me some great info about the area.
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