Yellowstone National Park, June 2011

We have the luxury of living near Yellowstone NP. If it looks like the weather is going to be nice, and we have a free day, we can pack up the car and drive there in a couple of hours. Saturday was such a day. We didn't make it up early enough to be there for sunrise though.....too bad!!

Our goal was to drive to the Lamar Valley to see the wildlife. We did see a mother grizzly and 3 wolves, but they were too far away for photos.

We were greeted with a herd of Bison just after we entered though the West Entrance.

I always keep my Canon S90 on my lap for moments like these.

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I quickly grabbed my D300 for some better quality photos.

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The Norris Geyser Basin is always a nice place to get out of the car and stretch our legs.

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The new rest stop at Gibbon Falls is very nice. From this vantage point it is amazing to see how well the forests in Yellowstone are recovering from the 1988 fire.

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More falls on the way to Mammoth.

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We didn't bring a lunch, so we needed to eat at Mammoth before traveling on.

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Then it was off for a gorgeous drive. It is still winterlike in some areas, but the north area of the park is definitely in full springlike conditions.

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The elk are in velvet

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The little critters are always cute!!

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Tower Falls is a beauty!!

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Continued in next post.....
If I lived that close to such a beautiful spot, I don't know that I would ever show up for work - I'm pretty sure I would be out taking pictures all the time. Great job.

Beautiful Terri ...
and yes you're very fortunate to live so close and in such a beautiful part of the US ...
can't wait for my return trip in early September and for the 1st time I'll be staying 2 nites in the park ....

Wonderful set Terri. I have been there twice. Seeing the image of The Norris Geyser Basin, I can almost smell the sulfur. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for reminding me why I need to go back to that part of the country. Very well done, and you are indeed fortunate to live so close. I do know that there are drawbacks, however, particularly during the winter :eek:.


I love these, and my boss does too!! I showed them to her (she and her hubby are avid hikers) and she thought they were fantastic. Then she started reminiscing about her hikes at Yellowstone and told me that I absolutely needed to go...

Really nice job, Terri!