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  1. heiko


    May 15, 2005
    Let me know what you think of this:


    The picture was taken at Tel Aviv beach at around 11 a.m. on a hot day. I touched it up a little in PSCS.
  2. Looks like a postcard. I like the puffy clouds and the colors are great.
  3. The blue seems a bit too saturated. Did you use a polarizer?

  4. heiko


    May 15, 2005
    Thanks 4labs, Rich,

    It was shot without polarizer and had quite some haze, typical in this hot and humid weather. Since I wear these self-darkening eyeglasses, the skies I see are a little darker, and the blue is much stronger. Here is the picture without the "added" blue:


    I am trying to get a little more familiar with PSCS, so I played a little with it. Selected the sky, played a little with Levels, added a little blurr (not in the clouds, but the blue around), and sharpened only the sea and below (beach, watch tower, etc.). It's far from perfect, but I learned a little more.

    I have a print (poster) of Casimir Malevitch's painting "paysage de la maison blanc" from 1932, which I like for it's vibrant colors. The photo I took turned out a little similar.
  5. bouloss

    bouloss Guest

    Nice picture. Reminds of the mediterranean sea how beautiful it is.
  6. It's just my opinion but the sand lacks detail. In the second shot you posted the detail is there but at the (albeit minimal) suffering of the sky.
  7. heiko


    May 15, 2005
    Thanks Bouloss, it's indeed the Mediterranean Sea. Your name sounds Greek?

    Thanks TKO - the sand s.cks. I haven't given it attention, but should fix this. I wonder how I can get any detail in this - the sand here is VERY fine. I guess I have to start saving for a DX2 to get the extra detail.

    Any ideas for sharpening sand?
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