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Yesterdays engagement shoot

Discussion in 'People' started by DanWhite, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. DanWhite


    Jul 10, 2005
    Lansdale PA
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  2. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  3. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Very nice series...the second is just perfect.
  4. All photo's are great shots. But the funny thing for me is that all the kissing shots would say they are in love but the best photo what for me shows how much the love each other is the one they don't kiss.

    You see her melt in the eyes of the guy great work love that shot! Lovely colors in that shot to. Thumbs up!

  5. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Have to agree with all of the above !!!!!

    Job well done.
  6. Image #2 is one of those pictures that just says it all. That image should be printed large and hung in a prominent location.
  7. Dan, again, I'm glad to see your regular assistant was able to do this. The shots are fantastic! The backdrop for all the three photos that you included in the post are great. Wonderful composition, color and lighting.
  8. DanWhite


    Jul 10, 2005
    Lansdale PA

    Thanks for the comments; I agree that the second shot is the best of the series. As for all the kissing shots, The One in front of the love sign the bride wanted, the one in the middle of the street (with city hall in the BG) my wife came up with and the third one was kind of a spontaneous moment.

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  9. Hi Dan,
    I agree that shot #2 is THE shot! I love the lighting in it and your pp effects. Very nice, indeed!
  10. Redundant, but #2 is a great shot. I had to chime in with my praise. The lighting is perfect!
  11. very nice work indeed.
    second one is my favourite
  12. DanWhite


    Jul 10, 2005
    Lansdale PA
    Alex Kevin and Mitchell,

    Thanks for the kind comments, The post processing on this shot consisted of a small white balance tweak, a little USM to bring a little texture into there hair and a custom vignette action from action central.

  13. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    Nice going Dan. Great job on all of them. I'd say you hit a homerun with these!
  14. DanWhite


    Jul 10, 2005
    Lansdale PA

    Thanks for the kind words. They were a joy to work with!
  15. Angelo


    Sep 19, 2005
    Los Angeles, CA
    Wow Dan, these are really nice shots.
  16. DanWhite


    Jul 10, 2005
    Lansdale PA
    Angelo thanks for the Kind words.

  17. Nice

    Love No. 2. I am going to take my daughter's engagement photos this weekend and I am really nervous about it. Do you have a link for the custom vignette actions that you used on No. 2. I really like the effect.
  18. I am sure they will be thrilled with the shots really liek the 2nd one . I admire your work
  19. DanWhite


    Jul 10, 2005
    Lansdale PA
    The best advice I can give you is to have a plan beforehand. I knew exactly the shots I was looking to get before I ever turned on the camera. This is the way I approach about 90% of my shoots, be it an engagement shoot, portrait, wedding or headshot.

    For the action There are 3 parts to it. Ignore the first part. the second will allow you to select the area of intrest. after that run the third part, it will bring up a saturation screen, I lowered the luminisity uped the saturation a tiny bit. next it brings up a curves window, I create a little more of an s curve to darken the BG to my liking.

    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 28, 2005
  20. DanWhite


    Jul 10, 2005
    Lansdale PA

    Thankyou for the complement! You are way to Kind! I was browsing your galleries, you have some amazing shots there. I loveyour shots of center city (especally the cloths pin at broad and market. I met my wife for the first time there).

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