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You guys were right about the Dynamic Duo!

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Larty, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Larty


    Apr 12, 2007
    I recently purchased a 17-55 and a 70-200VR after selling a few
    other pieces, and must say I have not looked back yet. I do miss
    the 18-200VR, but the speed of the Fast and Furious Dynamic Duo
    trumps it all.

    The 17-55 is like a bunch of relatively fast primes in a bundle.
    The 70-200 is just tack sharp. I shoot both lenses at 2.8 a lot
    and man... I am so thrilled, I have actually lost some lens lust
    to purchase more lens for the time being.

    What ya'll have been saying about the 17-55 and 70-200 is
    spot on. They are Wonderful lenses, expensive, but wonderful!

    Now I just have to unpack the 2 boxes of ramen I had bought
    from the store... should last a good month. :biggrin:

  2. Sounds like you are in good shape, Jimmy...

    ....because I have been eating ramen noodles and mac & cheese for a lot longer than a month, in support of my gear addiction :biggrin:
  3. Larty


    Apr 12, 2007
    I was just starting off with the ramen for a month.. might have to
    switch to mac and cheese for July. I almost pulled the trigger on
    a new D2Hs... but I caught myself... :tongue:
  4. They are a GREAT pair that work very well together. I have collected thousands of images shooting most every type shot and venue imaginable in the "normal" realm and the two have done it all. I did get a fast prime for what it can do but have found no real need for another lens. Oh, sure -- I have fits and starts of lens lust and will eventually own some other "pro" lenses but the 17-55 and 70-200 have allowed me to go for more than 3 years and many events without a real need for other glass. They just get the job done and are quite capable of producing wall hangers even when you are just taking snaps. Learn what they can do and they will serve you well.

  5. cadman


    Dec 4, 2006
    Johns Creek, GA
    I feel your gain!

    I just had to add the 105vr for some macro lust.

    now my lust is under control. for awhile......

    man, i love the thought of that 200-400vr
  6. I have the same combo and love it. I feel guilty about just adding the Tokina 12-24 to go with it. I go back and forth between which one is my favorite. IT just like my 2 kids. They are both so different and love them both the same.
  7. ptchan5


    Apr 21, 2007
    California, USA
    I'm still lusting over the 70-200VR, but I just satisfied some minor lust with a Tamron 90 DI macro and a Sigma 10-20mm. Similar to Garry and Michael, I'm a super big fan of the 17-55mm. Glad I chose that route instead of teh 17-35mm due to the extra reach.
  8. Larty,

    Amen! Superb combo. And great fun to shoot. Stunning images!

    However... I've added a Sigma 10-20 for the very wide end.

    And... a 50/1.4 for low light and a prime "fix."

    And... a 35/2 because Edward and Nute talked me into it.

    And... and 85/1.4 because Uncle Frank said I should.

    And... I think I need to get off this forum!

    Trust me. The lust will return. But in the meantime, have a wonderful time with two of the best.

    God bless.
  9. Yup, no sweeter couple than these two! I started off my DSLR kit with these two lenses and everything else pales now! I added the 12-24 for nice wide shots, and the 50/1.4 just for some fun.

    Glad you're liking your choices, and you'll never look back!
  10. 1FASTZ


    Jan 25, 2006
    Cincinnati, OH
    Definitely two of my favorites...
  11. I got the same setup also and I totally agree with what ya said...

    "expensive but wonderful"

    These 2 words sure fits the bill.
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