You Want a Piece of Me?

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Creative Edge, May 17, 2017.

  1. From early this morning, found a great spot for Ospreys.
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  2. Nice capture Michael! What lens and setup?
  3. D500 with the 600 f4 with 1.4 tc shot at 6.3
  4. Nice shot. Really great background on this one!
  5. Nice one. Happy that you found a good spot where you will be able to capture many more like this one.
  6. Nice capture Michael.
  7. Nice one always fun to see an Osprey carrying an head-less fish back to the nest.
  8. Excellent photo. That is a big fish for that bird.
  9. thanks Mitch..

    Thank you Allan

    thanks Randy
  10. thanks Fred, when are you coming back down

    Louie, actually it is an entire fish, just looks like the head is cut off. His mouth is wide open wondering what the hell just happened. I have the sequence of
    the catch, but my favorite was the head on stare.

    thanks William
  11. thanks Jim, and I agree, pretty big catch there..