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You will be forever changed....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TOLady, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. ... view each photograph, take in the details, imagine being there, it's not just "news".... it's real people. Incredible photographs.

  2. Just incredibly powerful series of pictures. Draws on a lot of emotions and makes you appreciate what we have that much more.

    Thank you for sharing the link, Sandi.
  3. biggstr6


    Apr 26, 2005
    Powerful images. Thanks for the link.

    Makes you realize how many conflicts there are in the world, we kinda get numb to it over time . Its good to see so many powerful images together at one time to wake you back up.
  4. He's great isn't he Sandi? Many consider him to be the finest PJ ever. PDN had a really great artcle about him a couple of years ago about the way he works and how his style has evolved over the years. His B&W work may be the finest I've ever seen for a PJ.
  5. Dave_Canada

    Dave_Canada Guest

    I'm speechless .. just an amazing gallery and so very sad.
  6. Now THATS Photojournalism!
  7. Chris Pierce

    Chris Pierce Guest

    words cannot describe....

    I will remeber those forever......
  8. THere was a story about him and his work on PBS recently. My wife was thoroughly bored but I loved watching it.

    He's been wounded numerous times and some of the situations he's been in (right in the middle of wars and terrorist attacks) it amazed me he's not been killed himself.

    Unbeliveable the things that go on around us in the world... pain, suffering, starvation... while most of our country is fat, wasteful and spend 6 billion a year to feed and care for pets.
  9. WOW Sandi totally awesome site. The 09/11/01 cross image is so powerful. they all tug on your heart. Thanks for sharing.
  10. So powerful, too much to take in at once. Thanks for the link.
  11. Thank you, folks, for looking. Any time you think life has got you down, you don't know what "down" is.... Starving people crawling to a feeding station is 'down'.

    Apparently, what North American's throw out in garbage in ONE DAY could feed all the starving people all over the world for a week!!!
  12. It really is hard to wrap your mind around the fact that more isn't/couldn't be done so that no child or person in this world would go hungry.
  13. Seneca


    Dec 4, 2006
    Oh my gosh...some of them brought a tear to my eyes.
  14. Only when people start caring more for other people than themselves will there be no hunger. You see when people care for other people then they themselves will still be taken care of and everyone wins.
    It should be in the interest of the greater good. Not the interest that thier good is greater.:smile:
  15. vettenut


    Feb 27, 2006
    Tolland CT
    A truly remarkable series of photographs, they all have great impact to put it mildly. The famine victim shots were extremely tough too look at. Thanks for providing the link. - Jeff
  16. He's got remarkable talent and looks like he's been there and done that.

    What an irony though that his best work projects the worst images.
  17. For all of you up in the New York City area, Nachtwey has a couple of new shows opening. Check it out here


    I had the honor of seeing some of his work in Los Angeles several years back. Amzaing stuff. Right on par with Salgado.

    Also on an earlier thread, Brian mentioned watching a show on PBS about him. It may have been this documentary here. I've got this on DVD and if anyone is really interested in his work, I highly recommend it. "War Photographer". It is available from Amazon.

    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 29, 2007
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