Young skin

Discussion in 'People' started by cwilt, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. cwilt


    Apr 24, 2005
    Denver, CO
    To have young skin again.:rolleyes:
    Shot with the 85/1.4 at f4. Everytime I shoot with a nice prime I want to throw my "pro" zooms in the trash.
    I applied heavy sharpening to her skin to see what damage I could do.

  2. Splendid. You show great control in capturing such a tender blossom without bruising it.

    You just set the bar a little higher, darnit.
  3. dbirdsong

    dbirdsong Guest

    the more photos I see of you daughter Charles, the more she grows on me...
    She is a real cutie...
    You better watch out, the boys are going to knocking on the door and calling on the phone before you know it....
  4. It's a beautiful portrait. I always love your photos and this one is no exception.

    Of course having such a lovely model helps.
  5. biggstr6


    Apr 26, 2005
    Thats very nice Charles.

    How do you find the working distance of the 85 indoors? I hear some on other boards saying its alittle long with 1.5 crop for use in the studio. Im considering the lense and will probably get it anyway ,but i was just curious .

    You dont seem to have a problem with it.
  6. Wonderful, wonderful. Stimulates lens lust. However I doubt I could come close to this even if I had the 85/1.4.
  7. cwilt


    Apr 24, 2005
    Denver, CO
    Thanks. I am lucky to have the same subject to shoot in different light and moods. That gives me a large advantage. It doesn't hurt to have a pretty subject too.

    Its going to be interesting for sure.

    Thank you.

    I actually wish it was longer.:eek. Prefer the 105mm length but my 105/2 DC needs visit Nikon for a focus adjustment.

    Thanks. I'm sure you would do just fine.
  8. Beautiful image with wonderful lighting. You play that 85mm like a virtuoso and then there is your cute daughter which is another story altogether. Well done Charles.