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Your Best Running Shots

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by adr3naline, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone... I'm trying to get some creative ideas for pictures of runners. I'm going to be shooting a half marathon tomorrow, and I'm curious if you've taken anything different or amazing. Post your running pictures anyway, I'm anxious to see what you've done!
  2. PAReams


    Apr 4, 2007
    San Diego, CA
    My wife ran a half marathon recently and I was amazed by the number of people there both to run and to support the runners.

    Be on the lookout for kids:

    and characters...there will be characters.

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  4. Well, here's a few of the shots I took. Let me know what you think!




  5. pretty well done. They look HOT!
    And Rob, great samples sir!
  6. Hey Mike, et. al,

    I shot a triathlon today and here's a couple of good ones from that event. It's always good to have your eyes open and the camera up to them so you don't miss anything!
    My assignment was at the finish line of the race, as well as the bike leaving transition and the pre-race and swim start. This means the typical running shots and nothing too creative, so I did my best.

    Swim start


    Fun bike rider!

    Run finish
  7. Snake River Half (Palouse Road Runners)


  8. I have only shot one marathon and found it entertaining. I was near the finish line and saw all kinds of emotions.


  9. steveking, those first two shots are great!
  10. CougarWilbur

    CougarWilbur Guest

    steveking, what's up with the guys left shoe in #2. How many miles on the bike in this triathlon? Just call me Limpy!
  11. Keith,

    Actually you see this very often at the front of the pack. That guy was either 3rd or 4th off on the bike after the swim, so you see them typically not riding with any socks, that takes time away, and their shoes start clipped into the pedals, less time taken, and the feet go in as soon as you get a flat area where you can coast and not lose as much time getting them in the shoes. The race was .5mi swim, 16mi bike, 5mi run, so it's short and fast, so if you want to place you can't waste time anywhere after the gun goes off.
  12. JESTER


    Dec 4, 2007
    Here are a couple I took at a Disney Marathon. I always try to get something in the photo that shows where it is. I just happened upon this while I was at Disney.
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