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Your Opinions Please

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Loki_D_Wolf, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Loki_D_Wolf

    Loki_D_Wolf Guest

    Hello to all. I wanted to put my site out and get the opinion of my peers.

    The site is still under conscruction. But still I wanted to know what people thought of the overall scheme of things.

    It's sort of like showing a movie to a select group before it goes to the public as the final cut.


    Picture names in order of appearance:

    Black and White Chair (Utopia, TX)
    On Top Of The World (San Antonio, TX)
    Rough Flight (Chicago, IL downtown)
    Steel Clouds (Chicago, IL downtown)
    Skywalkers Pt. 2 (Chicago, IL downtown)
    A Wife's Inner Beauty (Cibolo, TX)
    Green With Envy (Cibolo, TX on my camera bag)
    Walking With My Grandmother (Utopia, TX)
    Resistance Is Futile! (San Antonio, TX)

    My pictures are rarely altered (i.e. Black and White Chair) so what you see is what I saw. I mainly use Adobe Lightroom 2 for almost everything.

    Thanks in advance for ALL feedback.

    EDIT: Some of the feedback I have recieved is not enough pictures. So you all know the 9 pictures posted are just to have something up for now. I plan on having anywhere between 35-40 pictures once I go live.
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  2. You have some beautiful images on your site and I like the the music as well. Not too crazy about your title, "Out of the Common Photography." It just doesn't make sense to me and I have tried it out in my mind several times. Gramatically it just doesn't work.
  3. Loki_D_Wolf

    Loki_D_Wolf Guest


    I definitely appreciate you checking things out. Sorry to say though, out of the Common will be the title. It's a long story but in short, I don't want to be like everyone else. But you do bring up an interesting viewpoint. I'll have to change the "About Me" section to explain what the title truly means.

    In short, it's things we walk by all the time (common) that we don't stop to appreciate. I take those type of pictures (out of the common) to just remind people of what we really have.

    Again, thanks for the feedback! :smile:
  4. One critical problem wit your site is it requires QuickTime. Not all browsers have the QuickTime plug-in. Don't assume people have Flash or QuickTime or any other plug-in. Make your site as broadly accessible as possible, and as search engine friendly as possible. That will garner you the most traffic.

    I like that you display large images in your portfolio. I was reading an article on John Harrington's Photo Business News & Forum blog yesterday that had a lot of useful information about website design for photographers. I encourage all to give it a read.
  5. Loki_D_Wolf

    Loki_D_Wolf Guest


    That's interesting you bring that up. I'm at work and I don't have Flash or Quick time (insurance business and they don't allow those things on our pc's). When I bring it up it actually uses WMP as an automatic default. There are so many things blocked that even your link that you provided I can't check it out until I get home. They stop just about everything here at work. Nikon Cafe isn't blocked because I don't have it up all day for them to "flag" it.

    Believe it or not though, the site is not using Flash or Macromedia. I forgot the terminology but we did assume that making the site. It's a program similar to HTML. In other words it's all coding and a plug-in here and there. :wink:

    I will definitely check out your link. And thanks for the feedback!
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