Z6 (or Z7) what focus mode?

Feb 11, 2006
Riverside, CA
I'm still trying to figure out which mode works best for me. With my DSLR bodies I've always used single point manual selection. But for some reason I can't seem to manipulate the points the same on my Z. Maybe it's the smaller controls. Maybe it's because there's so many, not really sure.

So I've been experimenting with the auto selection modes. I'm still not sure they work as well as I'd want them to for critical work where I can't miss a once in a lifetime shot. I've gotten quite a few oof images.

What mode are you all using?
Oct 8, 2018
SE Michigan
Real Name
It depends on what I am shooting. For landscape shots I am using either area wide and manually tapping the screen to tell it the area to focus on, or I just use single point and manually set it. If you feel like it’s just going too slow to move the point, you can set it up to move every other point instead of every single point and that will help speed up movement with the joystick. When doing a portrait shoot I use pin point every time.

What specifically are you having a hard time with? Getting it to focus where you intend to quickly? Or just overall focusing.
Mar 20, 2017
Central Ohio
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You can't really treat the Z like Nikons DSLRs.

They are different, but I will say that for tracking subjects, it had been just as good a the D750 I used to own.

For static subjects, I use single point.

For AF-C, sports and such I use wide area small or dynamic area.

For portraits, I use auto with face detect on.
Feb 1, 2005
Here are my setting for the Z6, to this point I have only really used it for sports coverage.
-Unless I'm playing to get some motion blur pans I'm shooting action at high shutter speeds. So I have image stabilization turned off on the camera and any lens that has VR off.
-Release mode is set to Continuous H (extended)
-AF Area Mode is set to Dynamic-area AF. I have had excellent results with this and have not tried Wide-S or Wide-L.
-Focus mode is set to AF-C

Here are my Custom Setting Menu setting for a. Autofocus (* are changes from default)
a1 Release
a2* Release
a3* Quick (1)
a4 On
a5 All points
a6* Yes
a7* AF-ON only
a8* Pinpoint AF, Single-point AF, Dynamic-area AF, Auto-area AF.
a9* Wrap
a10* Manual focus mode (ON) / Dynamic-area AF assist (OFF)
a11 Off
a12* Off
Feb 26, 2006
I shoot the Z7 the same way I did with my D850. But I'm very interested in the coming Eye AF.
Aug 15, 2007
Kalamazoo, MI
I've gone exclusively to back button autofocus in C-AF mode using the dynamic area AF. This has not let me down so far. I am looking forward to face-detect. If this works as well as Sony for tracking eyeballs it will be great for people photos.
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