Z7's MASP & U123 Confusion

Nov 3, 2018
I talked about this before, but it is still a bit confusing. Of all 200 or so items you can set in the Z7/Z6, most of the items are "savable" in the User Presets U123. A few things (10-15) are NOT savable.

For these non-savable things (one example is Release mode, like Single or Low/High shooting), the situation is pretty clear: You can set this anywhere (MASP & U123) and your new change becomes effective and available everywhere (MASP & U123), and is automatically saved forever, even if you turn off the camera - until you change it again.

For the savable items (one example is Image Quality-RAW, JPEG...), you can also change this anywhere, but if you do it in MASP, it becomes permanently available in MASP (like non-savables above). However, if you do it in U123, your change is available only in that one U mode, and only until you move out of that U mode. If you turn off the power, the new change is lost.

We have to be very clear with this saving paradigm of the Z cameras, because you do not want to find out at the end of a long shooting day that you have forgotten to set the image quality to RAW.

In my struggle to understand this Z user-interface, I wrote a book: How to Use Nikon Z - My Way (Amazon). I added some pictures I posted here also. Looking at the photo in the computer monitor is one thing, but seeing it in the print is the ultimate test. I am satisfied how my Z7 pictures came out in print.
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