Zeiss 50mm/2 Makro planar

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  1. Recived it yesterday. Have just taken a few snaps with it. But so far im happy.


    The build quality is marvelous! MF was easier then i thought on my D2X, Still waiting for my Katz eye focus screen to improve it further.

    Ill post some more "real" shots when iv gotten to know the lens a little more.

    Here are two snaps, both wide open.


    And here is one straight from the camera (apart from the top cropped a little)resized (best for reduction used) shot at F/4,5


    Closeups are coming as soon as it stopped raining. .-)
  2. Looking forward to future posts, looks like a real winner so far, congrats!
  3. Thanx

    Yea im really pleased with it, so pleased that i sold my sigma 30mm/1,4 and gonna pickup Zeiss 35mm/2 next week.
  4. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Looks like a nice lens Paul. How does the it perform at near infinite focus.
  5. Much enjoyed your excellent pix Paul. I have the lens and love its quality.

    Really interested in how you get on with the Katz eye, as I am seriously considering it for my D200.

    I wear glasses, use them to MF compose and then use the DG-2 magnifier , without them, for fine focus...wedding photographers don't even think of doing this as the bride and groom will be on their honeymoon before you snap :biggrin:...and would like something simpler. Sadly, I don't trust my skills to install the Katz eye or then uninstall it.

    Looking forward to your close-ups

    All the best
  6. Hi Chris!

    I havent tested it that much, but after i read your question i did a little comparison between my nikkor 50mm/1,8 D and the Zeiss at infinty.

    And it seems to match the 50mm/1,8D quite well. A little diffrence in color (zeiss a little warmer) But sharpness is about the same.

    Im quite pleased with the performance thus far.
  7. Thanx!

    Yes its a keeper for sure.

    Will let you know how the Katz eye work out.

    /Paul L.
  8. nykonian


    May 4, 2007
    New York
    It looks a fabulous lens. Wish it does AF.
  9. I really like your pictures!
    Only wish the Zeiss lenses would have AF, especially the 25/2.8 and the 35/2....
  10. Thanx Falter.

    Yea they probebly sell alot more if they where. But im quite content with MF.

    Im planning on getting 3 of them, 50mm/2 (duh) and i just ordered the 35mm/2 (sold my sigma 30mm/1,4) and possible the 100mm/2 Makro planar (later)
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  11. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    That's great. With the word 'Makro' in the name of the lens, I think of Nikon's 60 micro, which isn't made for long camera-subject distances at all. This 50 sounds like a wonderful lens (I'll bet it would fit nicely on my f5, eh?)

  12. Yes the 60mm/2,8 Micro is known to be less then optimal for distant shooting. Eventhough i personally never experienced it, then again i never think i tried it lol.

    It would be match made in heaven, belive me. :wink:
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